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Epub conversion

Do you want to sell your ebook on other ebook platforms, such as the Nook, Ipad, and Kobo? No Problem! We’ll make sure your epub conversion is perfect looking on all these platforms!

Kindle conversion

We guarantee your book will look exactly as it’s intended to look when converted into a mobi document that can be sold in the Amazon Kindle store.

Ebook Store

Have an ebook already? Upload it to our Popular Ebook Store absolutely FREE! Best of all, if we convert your book, you have the option to have us upload it for you, as we take pride in our work and stand behind it 100%.

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Unless your book falls outside our pricing options listed above, you simply choose the option that’s best for you, order, and send us your book. We will take care of the rest. No need to read pages of instructions or things we require. Too many of our competitors make you jump through hoops just to get a conversion. With us, we believe in keeping things easy for you. Note: If you DO happen to have a book that doesn’t fit our pricing parameters, it’s not a problem at all! We offer custom pricing to fit your book.


Well, we like to think we do anyways. See, if you look at all the other ebook conversion services out there, they are simply too expensive for most authors. We believe in offering the lowest prices possible for ebook conversions. However, this doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. On the contrary, we have an impeccable track record of producing perfect ebook conversions for ALL our customers. And best of all, most books that we do fall into our least inexpensive pricing options.


When we convert your manuscript or book into an ebook, it’s yours to keep. We don’t own it and never will. However, if you want to sell it through us, we have set up a bookstore to showcase your hard work. It’s kinda like Amazon, in that it’s FREE to list in our store, but we don’t take a giant commission from your sales like they do. Oh, and you don’t even have to use our conversion service to put your book in our bookstore. We welcome ALL authors with ebooks.


ebook conversion

You might be asking yourself why it’s important to convert your book into an ebook. Well, the fact is that more and more people are using ebook readers in their daily lives. The book industry has seen a massive surge in ebook sales over the past several years. Consequently, Amazon has reported that it actually sells more ebooks than printed ones! Ebooks are here to stay, so it’s absolutely necessary to get your books converted to ebooks in order to reach all these individuals that spend MILLIONS on ebooks.


If you want to make your publications accessible on Amazon’s Kindle, you’ll need to make sure that your books are converted to the Mobi or AZW format first. Along with this, if you are looking to target an even wider audience of readers, you should make your books available in the Epub format as well (Other companies like Nook, Sony and Apple require Epub formats).

What are you waiting for? We have made the process ultra-simple for you. Simply order the price package that fits your book, and let us do the ebook conversion so you’ll be on the fast track to dominating the ebook market!

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